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The Worst Movie Accents

 From Tom Cruise’s Irish to Sean Connery’s 'Shhhhicago', join us as we look back on some of the worst accents to blight the big screen.


Robo Brain
Creating A Universal Robo Brain

Robo Brain is a a giant repository of knowledge that is formatted in robot friendly language that robots can draw on when needed.


The Secrets Behind Regeneration
The Secrets Behind Regeneration

A team of researchers at the Arizona State University claim their findings bring us one step closer to acheiving the regeneration of human limbs.


150 Years Of US History
150 Years Of US History

We bring you a gallery of the most important and iconic photographs captured in the history of the United States.


Liverpool song
Liverpool Still Keen On Song

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is reportedly still keen on signing Alex Song from Barcelona before the close of the transfer window next week.


How To Spring Clean Your Car
How To Spring Clean Your Car

We’ve put together a simple guide to washing away the ravages of winter and preparing your car for spring. Do it right and your car will stay cleaner, for longer.


PS Plus September Content
PS Plus September Content

Sony has revealed the content set to arrive as part of September's PS Plus subscriber rewards.


Paella With Prawns, Chicken And Peas
Paella With Prawns & Chicken

If you are having a craving for all things Spanish why not try out this superb recipe that captures all the flavours of Spain in one pan!


Emmy Awards
Emmy Awards: What They Wore

Click through the images above to see all the outfits from the Emmy Awards 2014.

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freaky foods
Weirdest Foods In The Field

From strange fruit to freaky fungi, how many of these fruit, vegetables and spices would you recognise growing on the tree or in the field?

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