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Cold Harbour
  • Cold Harbour

    A seasonal storm washes up the mutilated body of a Chinese man on a Cape Town beach. Township cop Sizwe Miya believes solving the crime is the ideal opportunity to prove himself and earn a promotion. Miya discovers that the death is linked to a Triad abalone smuggling ring, but this only leads him to darker discoveries.

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Nokia Lumia 530
Meet The Very Affordable Lumia 530

The oh, so affordable Lumia 530 was revealed by the Microsoft Devices Group earlier this week. Read on for more about your next new smartphone...


mining asteroids
Mining Asteroids

The Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) aims to identify, capture and then redirect asteroids into a stable orbit around the moon where astronauts could then safely harvest necessary resources from them.


Most Dangerous Treks

Walking is by far one of the world’s most pleasant pasttimes, but some of us like to step it up a gear and make trekking an extreme sport.


Dejan Lovren
Liverpool Bring In Lovren

Liverpool have completed the transfer of defender Dejan Lovren from Southampton for a fee of £20million on a four-year contract.


2015 Mazda 2 Supermini
Sharp-Suited Mazda 2 Supermini

Mazda has at last revealed the all-new 2015 Mazda 2 supermini, following its preview in concept form at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show back in March.


League of Legends
League Of Legends Team Fined

Riot Games is fining the European League of Legends team H2k-Gaming $300 (R3000) for exhibiting "unsportsmanlike behavior" in an official EU Challenger Series game...

world cup 2014

Brazil 2014
The Best Pictures From Brazil 2014

With the World Cup now over, here's a look back at some of the most stunning photography from the tournament...


Beyoncé's Style Revolution

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, has just opened an exhibit featuring some of Beyonce's most iconic looks...

locker room

alcohol abuse
Alcohol Advice For Students

Before you blow your food budget at the student bar, here’s what you need to know to help you stay safe and well…

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Howzit MSN Dating
Looking For Love?

Visit HowzitMSN's dating site to meet amazing people from all over the world, and see where the adventure will take you...


    Juju Gets A New Hat

    Julius Malema goes for retail therapy and is inspired to change the much imitated red beret of the EFF to something more slick. ZANEWS is on a nostalgia kick! Enjoy our best throwback favourites…


    Lenasia Property
    Lovely Lenasia

    This unique and luxurious residence is located in the private Blair Atholl Golf Estate, and offers five bedrooms, deluxe kitchen, and lots more!

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    Beach Football In Brazil
    Beach Football In Brazil

    Everyone is gearing up for World Cup fever, and none more so than those on the beaches of Brazil. Download our free Brazil Beach Football Wallpaper, and get in the mood for some samba soccer!

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