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15 Gross International Eating Competitions


MPs Snub SA Over Ebola

The MPs were scheduled to spend a week in South Africa and meet with President Jacob Zuma and Baleka Mbete; however they cancelled their trip for fear of catching the deadly Ebola virus.


Robo Brain
Creating A Universal Robo Brain

Robo Brain is a a giant repository of knowledge that is formatted in robot friendly language that robots can draw on when needed.


The Secrets Behind Regeneration
The Secrets Behind Regeneration

A team of researchers at the Arizona State University claim their findings bring us one step closer to acheiving the regeneration of human limbs.


Hot Springs
Hot Springs Around The World

Famed for their stunning natural settings and healing waters, we have selected fifteen beautiful hot springs for you to consider on your next holiday.


ernie els
Els: Woods Doesn't Need A Coach

Ernie Els believes Tiger Woods does not need a swing coach and should try and emulate his swing during his dominant era.


Fastest Cars
Fastest Cars Never Heard Of

There are lots of tiny companies producing (or planning to produce) insanely fast cars, all of which make your average Ferrari or Porsche seem a bit common.


Link Coming To Mario Kart DLC
Link Coming To Mario Kart DLC

Mario Kart 8 DLC Brings New Tracks And Characters, Including Link, F-Zero And More.


Chicken Korma Curry
Chicken Korma Curry

Chicken korma curry is a mild Indian curry made using chicken, spices, almonds and cream, making it suitable for the whole family!


Best Immune-Boosting Foods

What to eat to strengthen your body’s defences...

locker room

freaky foods
Weirdest Foods In The Field

From strange fruit to freaky fungi, how many of these fruit, vegetables and spices would you recognise growing on the tree or in the field?

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    Nepotism Runs In The Family

    The incredible rightness of being a Zuma...


    Cape Town
    Residential In Fresnaye, Cape Town

    A perfect opportunity for redevelopment into a fine family home...

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