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People Who Made It  Big Later In Life


Supersonic Submarines
Supersonic Submarines

The new technology envelops the vessel in a bubble that could allow submarines to travel from Shanghai to San Fransisco in less than two hours.


Undercover Nails
Nail Polish Detects Date-Rape Drugs

The innovative nail polish changes colour when it comes into contact with liquid contaminated with debilitating drugs such as Rohypnol and GHB.


A Guide To La Tomatina
A Guide To La Tomatina

La Tomatina in Spain’s Buñol, near Valencia, is likely to be the messiest festival you’ll ever attend.  It's the food fight to end all food fights!


CR7 Eyes European Defence

Cristiano Ronaldo says Real Madrid are targeting nothing less than a successful defence of their Champions League crown following the group stage draw on Thursday.


Rare Ferrari
Rare Ferrari Sets New Record

A rare Ferrari 250 GTO (1962) has sold for a record-breaking $38.1 million at the Bonhams Pebble Beach auction in California.


PS Plus September Content
PS Plus September Content

Sony has revealed the content set to arrive as part of September's PS Plus subscriber rewards.


Peach Cake With Nutmeg
Peach Cake With Nutmeg

Chef Reuben Riffel shows us how easy it is to make this cake.  Perfect for those unexpected guests!


Emmy Awards
Intimate Red Carpet Moments

There were plenty of public displays of affection at the Emmy Awards...

locker room

diet tips
15 Dodgy Diet Lesson To Unlearn

We’re bombarded with advice on how to lose weight but the truth is that even seemingly sensible dieting wisdom can sometimes do more harm that good…

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    Puppet Nation Episode 43

    Gwede speaks to Mr. President about the state of the nation...


    Cape Town
    Residential In Fresnaye, Cape Town

    A perfect opportunity for redevelopment into a fine family home...

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